Wednesday, January 28, 2009

chicago [day 3] & [day 4] :pt. 2:

Grandma Wirth is a tough lady. She raised seven kids, held down a farm (cattle, corn, beans, you name it), battled pesty 'coons, traveled lots and lots, smoked a cigar, and fed several trillion cats. She can operate machinery better than me, and way better than you. She can also spit farther than any of us. She's a thoughtful host and my pop gives her credit to the best burger he'd ever had on one of his first visits to the farm. It kept him coming back for years (this story could be another blog entry itself). She always treated her (many many) grandchildren like adults and she never let us get away with nonsense. She has been known to be stern, however she is always just. She has rock solid faith and lives her life Bibically. A lot of life lessons were learned under Grandma and Grandpa's roof. My memories of growing up around the Wirths are awesome. I wish I could capture some of these feelings towards this place through a lens, but I'm just not that good yet.

Look out, she's about to learn you something.

Grandma has had arthritis for as long as I can remember.....but she can still play piano better than you. She'd played at church every week until a year or so back.

Cousin Arielle's baby Cayden. Grandma's been looking after this little guy for a few months while Arielle is working. Big time smiler. Big time observer. As soon as he learns to walk, he's probably going to steal your job.

This is Grandpa's arrowhead collection. He found all of these while working his farm, including the stone cross. All the arrowheads are in a large frame on the wall and I've studied it for years. I cannot get enough of it. They also have a super old piano and an awesome cane collection which have both fascinated me since I was a kid. I, however, failed to get pictures of them.

I miss my Grandpa. I think that everyone who knew him does. He was as wise as he was witty and as warm as he was plump. Grandma and him were on the same page and were a great couple. They raised a smart, honorable, fun bunch. I think Grandma misses Grandpa Joe more than anyone, but in his absence I feel like she's really lived. She's traveled with her sisters, she traveled on her own, she gives her time and money to people who really need it, enjoys screwdrivers and Kahlua, and she doesn't worry about petty things. I look up to, respect, and appreciate Grandma and had a good time just being able to be with her for a few days. It's a real privilege to be able enjoy and share my family with Sara.

That's it for Chicago this time. I can't wait to go back.
Thanks to brother Corey for doing all the driving and dealing with newlyweds. Anyone wanting to throw free film gear and software his way earns cool points.....

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