Wednesday, January 21, 2009

chicago [day 2]

Grandpa Giessen

We made it to the Giessen's Saturday night. Grandpa Giessen was a little older and much wittier than I remember. Grandma Giessen was shorter than I remember and showed Sara everything in the house, explaining every detail of every decoration (including the Christmas decorations which they had yet to take down). Sara is an incredibly patient wife.

We had brunch Sunday morning with a few other family members. It was a very loud kitchen. Sara and I retreated to quieter places while brother Corey held down the talkative folks.

Here are some pics from the festivities and more on Flickr:

The Giessens

Grandma Giessen

What is that??


eleanor hope said...

aww. how cute! i wish my grandma was still alive.

KC Giessen said...

they're a fun bunch!