Tuesday, November 25, 2008

honeymooning continued: pärnu

Sara recently taught me a few of her tricks in Photoshop. Now I'm a little less dependent on her to get pictures sized and edited to look dope. Hooray.

We updated a little from Riga but we never finished sharing Pärnu.

Pärnu is a beach town in Estonia located right of Pärnu Bay in the Baltic Sea. One day it was nice, sunny and windy, the next, it was cold and extremely calm. Check out what the wind did to these trees:

 The water was so calm this day:
In Pärnu we had time to relax and enjoy each other's company. It was very pleasant. We spent most of our days there in coffee shops, at the beach, or resting. There was a local market a block away and since we had a kitchen, we did a lot of cooking ourselves. The market had loads of fresh (and not so fresh) fish and was also well equipped with different meats and sausages, fresh produce, fresh eggs, pickled goods, and cheap clothes. The food was cheap and the atmosphere was fun. Shame I didn't get any pictures of the market, but I have plenty from the Central Market in Riga.

Not too much, not too little. Perfect size.
Just some fun pics:

Sara is working on some really cool design stuff right now. It's keeping her super busy but it is some of her best work yet. I'm blown away every time I see her screen. REALLY good.

Next up: our trip to Riga

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

furniture re-furb : dining room table

So you might be asking yourself, 
at what sort of table does this couple dine?
Well maybe not, but here it is. Like pretty much everything else in our apartment, it's a hand-me-down to which we added our own little touch. We got the table from Pete + Glo. It was the right size for our dining room and I liked the architecture of it, but the finish was a little icky. 

After using a heat gun to strip off the waxy coating, the wood wasn't in great shape to just do a stain, so we decided to paint it. KC came up with the idea for the place settings, and I painted the sort of reverse-stencil tediously, with help from my mom of course. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

bread machines are for sissies

this weekend i made some dope (crusty on outside chewy on the inside) bread. i'm a sucker for good fresh bread and i was pretty pumped i was able to pull this off. you can too. i did the two day recipe but i plan on experimenting some more.

i enjoyed the loaf with my brother Corey (who i would link to but he's lame and doesn't have anything i can link...or does he??). he brought over some homemade ham balls and we chowed down while discussing movies, computers, and comic books. i don't know how i managed to stay engaged in a comic book discussion....it was probably the wine.

in other news, Sara got new boots, i got a cardigan, the Estonians are awesome (music soon), honeymoon pictures and stories are on their way. also, if your day needs cheering, check out these puppies.