Wednesday, January 21, 2009

chicago [day 1]


We arrived in Chicago on Friday evening to loads of snow and chilly weather. We found a cozy diner and had some tasty treats at Huck Finn's (now added to the list of food joints I must hit while in Chicago). 24 hours of fun every day and ice cream on your donut. All good in my book.

Cousin Nick
We met my cousin Nick for breakfast. I like this guy - he's got a wicked mustache. My family calls him Waldo because they can never find him, but we managed to meet up with him after he had a quick visit to the police station the night before. In my humble opinion, not all stop signs are mandatory anyway. He whipped up some whole wheat pancakes and we smothered them in jam, blackberries, and honey. Great breakfast, great company, good times.



After breakfast we loaded up and headed to The Field Museum for some learnin'.

Sara - Soldier Field

Sue - The Field Museum

Diorama - The Field Museum
[diorama or herd of corn dogs? ....]

We then preceded to grab a deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's (which was yummy) and then drove around the city a bit before heading to the Giessen's. I need to spend more time in this city. A few hours is hardly enough to get the full picture.

Lou Malnati's

Chicago snow

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Chris Green said...

Great pics!

KC Giessen said...

Thanks man, I also play drums if you you're ever in need of some of that!! Haha jk, but seriously.....

Let's compare photography notes sometime, I have a lot to learn yet.