Monday, August 4, 2008

tere! we're here! and married...

{in tallinn}
hello all. thank you to everyone who came out sunday to the wedding. it was amazing and we'll write more about it a little later on when we've got pictures to prove how awesome we're going to tell you it was. thanks SO much to everyone that helped. i can't even begin to name you, but i just want to reiterate what kc said in his toast to you and tell you that we love you all so much. and we felt so loved.
{leaving atlanta yesterday}
for a quick update, we're sitting in the train station in tallinn, estonia waiting for our 16:50 ride to tartu. we haven't slept but a couple hours since saturday night, but we're feeling good and can't wait to see our beloved friends in a few hours. it's chilly... like 22C chilly. the boys are loving it though.

we had a layover in amsterdam. spent some time walking around the city. smelled lots of reefer in the coffee shops, but chose to eat a "dutch breakfast" instead of participating. aren't ya proud, mom?

i've got tons of pictures, but here's one for now, as it's time to go.
love you!

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maryhanks said...

Oh, yea, mom is proud! ....and you guys had the BEST wedding EVER!!! We love you and hope you're having fun. Keep us posted, keep the pics coming----they'e all great!