Friday, August 15, 2008

pärnu : august 14th

yesterday morning we hopped a tram to take us to the tallinna bussijaam. after a two hour bus ride to pärnu. above is the first shot at the beach. note the beautiful sky, the two dozen kite surfers, and the giant crack in the lens. no worries, though, as it was only the UV protector.

we're staying in an apartment in downtown. it's a 10 minute walk to the beach, and it's really nice to finally have some real privacy.

our new kitten. for the next couple of days. he poops in the shower.

the mommy. "nipud" or "nipples" we call her. the kitten is "lekkivat" or "leaky." together, they are "leaky nipples."

tuna carpaccio at a restaurant called si-si.

kc on the "big yellow jumpy thing". see video below.

it's insanely windy here. all the trees lean away from the beach, and i found out why, standing on the dunes at sunset last night. we decided to attempt to recreate that sick national geographic image.


Big Bro #2 said...

The blog was a good idea. The pictures are wicked sweet. Bring me a souvenir!

Scott said...

Hey! Was that my lens?

sara giessen said...

I think so, yea. Just the UV filter cover though. :D

Chris Green said...

I'm loving that y'all are getting to travel as a couple...such a rad time to experience each other...I hope it's been an amazing trip.

Kati said...

Seems like you guys are having fun on your honeymoon! I am glad!!! I love you and miss you both so much!