Wednesday, August 20, 2008

from latvija, with love

sorry we're behind.
some really good stuff is coming.

while you're waiting on us, check out the really sweet write up on the green's blog about our wedding. this couple is amazing. they have been a huge encouragement to kc & i through every part of our relationship, and their relationship has been an incredible example for us to look up to for the past 7 years. we love them so much, and can't wait to make them dinner when we get back.

mrs g


matt said...

i came across your blog via kyle hale and i think you guys are awesome for traveling in latvia- and also because you made a poster after reading dave ramsey. late-ehs!

Gabrielle said...

i'm an outsider.

I came across your blog by chance and am so drawn in by the amazing images you post.

I wish my partner and i had the ability to document our lives so beautifully.

Klee said...

i saw your status on facebook and thought to myself.. YES.. PICTURES ON THE BLOG.. then to my sadness no pictures yet.. i know they will come soon!