Friday, August 1, 2008

One day out...

I have tons of stories and some pictures I want to share with everyone......the thing I'm lacking is time.  I promise we'll do better keeping you updated in the next few weeks but for now, we've got some marrying to do!
Tomorrow is the day!  Bring lots of presents!!!  ...jk, the apartment is already pretty full.....bring money instead....jk, jk.
Can't wait to see everyone together, it's gonna be so much fun.  Be ready to dance your soles off.

Party time.  HOOORAH!

...ask us about Estonia if you get a chance...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Wedding Day!

Lots of love and best wishes from the other side of the pond.... and don't believe the weather report, they make that stuff up to keep the tourists away. It has been a gorgeous week for the Wirth family at the beach, clear and sunny every single day.

We can't wait to see you! And marriage.. if you think this is fun, just wait - it only gets better.

Safe travels,
Aunt Denise and Co.