Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wowzer.  I can't believe that one month from now I'll be married to a beautiful Sara Giessen.  Virtual high fives to everyone around.

We had a big meeting tonight with our parents and we discussed where everything is at wedd-ing-wise (the picture above is from an ADD Sara and Casey moment). There is a lot to take care of as of yet buuuuut every day that passes, the whole marriage thing has been much more real to me.  I have never been so pumped about anything in my life.

highlights of last week or so:
mission trip retreat : tons of fun, productive meetings
: mcDonalds : I ate a cheeseburger without the burger....garbage
: Sara graduated : no biggie(jk), bring on the loans!
: met with Rod : he's officiating the wedding and is a true baller
: found an apartment : norcross, good location, middle mark between both our jobs (although sara's commute is longer), application goes in today
: gas sucks : stupid jerk oil prices
: Uncle Jerry and  Aunt Denise : the ultimate travel guides.  our honeymoon is going to rock hard.
: wedding shower : we feel loved.  thanks to everyone, especially Pete and Glo for throwing the shower.
: finished wedding invitation design & ordered letterpress plates : yep, it's late, but it's gonna be smashing.

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