Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm so excited

and i just can't hide it!

really. i cannot wait. every time i think about marrying this kid i get all chicken-skinned and stomach butterflies.

on a side note, we're following dave ramsey's total money makeover plan to pay off my student loans. i borrowed the book from our friend zac, and i'd recommend it for all of you students with loans & credit card junkies. and nerds like me who get all excited about money. to prove my enthusiasm, here's the sweet poster i made that's (not yet) hanging in our office:

we're going to be writing about our trip to estonia a little later on, so watch out for that.


Chris Green said...

August 3rd...what what.

KC Giessen said...

august 2nd.....what what...

asher said...

nice poster. but you forgot to include the bit where you save money to help support my broke ass in your basement.

get on that.