Thursday, July 3, 2008

ina + florin

ina & florin are our mentor couple for our 2-to-1 premarital counseling through North Point. we have a such a good time with them, and leave their house every Wednesday really energized and bursting with excitement about each other & our upcoming marriage.

i love this couple so much. they're Romanians that have been living here raising their kids since the early '90s, and are working to start a strategic partnership back home in Romania. they've been a great couple for us to spend time with. they are so candid about their struggles & triumphs in their marriage through their many years together. we've also gotten a sneak peek at their incredible parenting skillz. 

i think one of the reasons kc & i have felt so connected to them is the huge heart we four share for the same region of the world. i'm looking forward to staying in touch with them as they venture on to do some really challenging things.

below is a map with Romania & our beloved Eesti highlighted for you geographically challenged folks. thanks google!


KatieMGreen said...

Cute picture!!
And we are pumped for you... less than a month. I know you're excited beyond words.
We are really really sorry we missed your shower. I bet is was so fun!!!!
i can't wait for the wedding!!!!

Klee said...

ok i think you love that area because it is right beside us!!!!!!
romania and Kosova is closer than close.. FUN!!