Monday, July 7, 2008

pallets: a key element to a glamorous wedding

This weekend kicked my butt. It started Thursday night at the PureFun! warehouse with my bud Zac. We took on the task of disassembling pallets for ceremony props (the picture above is a sneak peak of one of the props, I'm stoked). It was tough. I quickly realized I was going to need a better plan, more tools, more people, and more days to get all the pallet wood I need. Zac and I called it quits for the night and had some time to hang at his new apartment. Sara was able to tag along and Zac's lady friend, Lauren, met us there as well. It was fun - like old times.

I geared up for an early morning and headed back to PureFun! on Friday morning. This time I brought reinforcements: Sara's dad. We knocked those pallets out. We got together as much wood as we could fit in my pop's 4runner in about 2 or 3 hours. It took it's toll on us though. It was hot and the physical labor was seriously draining. That night we headed to Monroe to celebrate Mammaw's birthday and saw longest firework show of my life in good ol' Gratis, Ga. Gran Fanalley!

Sunday, I played at The Bridge and then proceeded to head back to Monroe. We spent most of the day working on wedding stuffies. Jonathan and Momma Hanks hung lights in the pavilion and out over where our dance floor will be. They ain't scurred of no lightnin'. Scott and I finished two window frames....4 more to go. Sara addressed invitation envelopes, we helped put up a wall on the other side of the pavilion, Momma Hanks bravely battled poison ivy, and Mammaw whipped up some sexy homemade chicken pot pie. What a weekend. We have a few more of these left. Thanks to everyone for helping. This could not happen without your generosity. You rule.


asher said...

i can't believe i'm gonna miss this. it's gonna be so purdy!

please someone have a picture off casey when he starts crying. i don't wanna miss it. waah...

((the gay one))

sara hanks said...

ashley will be terribly missed for sure. we love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again, whenever that is.

asher said...

sounds like i'm dead.

then again, i AM in texas. so that's understandable.

sara hanks said...

we had 3 days of mourning after you moved.