Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fish tacos


I'd never deep fried anything before so I'm proud of these. I had a craving for them earlier in the day and tackled them this evening. Success. I combined a few recipes I found on Tastespotting. We use this site a lot for food inspiration and it's worth checking out. If you're not up to making them yourself, hit up Taqueria Del Sol in Atlanta for a mean fish taco and the best fried chicken taco I've had the pleasure of tasting. Props to the Green's for introducing us to Taqueria Del Sol. It's now a favorite of ours.

The next post will not be food related...well...not completely food related - I promise.
Happy New Year!!


momma hanks said...

Yum...Scott's the Fry Daddy around here. That was a part of our marriage vows!

KC Giessen said...

I want a momma hanks style fish taco. Watcha got?