Thursday, October 9, 2008

wedding food

Our taste palettes are wide open, but we knew that many of our guests' might not be. We really wanted to offer our guests cuisine that we felt represented us in our foodie spirit, while accommodating those more timid tasters. KC & I felt good about using Mitchell Anderson from MetroFresh. We love the restaurant in the highlands and felt that his style of cooking captured our international tastes in subtle ways that would please everyone.

{above: Mitchell - you might recognize him from somewhere...}

We didn't end up getting any photos of the table, but the final menu was:

Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta served with Crostini
Fresh Roasted Corn Salsa with Blue Corn Chips
Mango Avocado Chunky Guacamole
Warm Asian Pork Meatballs with Three dipping Sauces
Thai Chicken Salad on Lettuce Leaves
Indian Roasted Vegetable Curry - Jalfrezi
Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad
Grilled Blackened Chicken sliced – served cold with Lime/Avocado/sour cream sauce
Green and Red Grape Salad with Endive, Walnuts, Crumbled Blue Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Wheatberry Salad with Dried Fruit and Nuts

I really wish I could have eaten more of the food. I was so hyped up that I wasn't hungry, and when I did get my plate, I kept putting it down to hug and talk to friends and family. KC & I made a trip out to the restaurant last weekend to eat a killer lunch and snap some shots for you guys. We were greeted by a warm "It's the Giessens!" welcome, and enjoyed some lovely fall weather on the patio. MetroFresh changes their menu daily and always has something yummy fill your belly. If ever have a hankering for something healthy, fresh, and satisfying...hit them up and tell them the Giessens sent you.

{above: our lunch}

{above: the kitchen}

{above: the super sweet girl who came and hugged me right before the ceremony, while i was bawling in the field alone}

The cakes were done by a Giessen family friend, Amy Diss. We didn't want anything too fancy- just a really yummy cake. The main cake was a lemon cake with buttercream icing. We also did white and chocolate individual brioche cakes with powdered sugar and a summer fruit compote. My mom decorate the table beautifully with a fun quilt, flowers, cake stands, and a handmade branch "chandelier" above.

{above: us as we cut the cake. SAI!}


asher said...

i wish someone got a picture of you in your dress bawling in a field by yourself. :)

sara giessen said...

me too. it was definitely one of my finest moments.

corey said...

Dude was in DOOGIE HOWSER! Say whaaaat?

circusliz said...


Saw your wedding featured on OnceWed, and would love to know where you got the tablecloth for the cake table. liz2circus [at] yahoo

Your wedding looks amazing! So stylish and casual!

sara hanks giessen said...

thanks liz! i'm sending you an email from my gmail account with the info.

Thea said...


I found your blog via oncewed. I am getting married this summer and I love your dress, could you tell me where you got it? ( I think I actually wrote you a while ago with the same question, but I lost your response).

thank you!

sara hanks giessen said...

Hi Thea - thanks! It's a Jasmine couture style T137.

Congrats on your wedding!

Thea said...

thank you!