Friday, April 4, 2008

Engagement Video

Many of you have seen & heard this, but just for good measure, here's the engagement story:

So it's my birthday, but I'm throwing KC a surprise party with a bunch of our friends & family. When we arrive, he thinks my family is trying to set him up to propose to me (after much pressure for many weeks). Once he realizes the party is for him, he reads the poster on the back of the door (you can see it below); the last line says "and that's why everyone chipped in to buy you a drumset." (And they did, it was amazing. 22 awesome people.) That's why he starts crying and hugs me.
While hugging me, I guess he decided that he couldn't think of a better time to propose. He happened to have the ring in his pocket to show my brother's fiance, Gloria, that night. He wasn't planning on proposing until January.

Anyway, it was an incredible night. The ring is gorgeous & I have the coolest fiance ever. We're super excited, and will be posting info about the wedding soon. We love you all!

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La Madre Superiora said...

This video is very soulful, I've started seeing Sara's work on and finished seeing one of her most important days. Congrats KC and Sara. Be happy forever!
By the way: good design, photos, sounds an videos.
Your fan: Luis